Elida Reyna plans an EP filled with collaborations including the hit duet with Bobby Pulido

Courtesy of Freddie Records

With the success of her current hit duet with Bobby Pulido, “Que Voy A Hacer,” Elida Reyna plans an EP filled with collaborations featuring more of the top male vocalists of the Tejano industry.

Reyna shared the news in an interview with Jonny Ramirez on Tejano 95.7/103.3 FM in San Antonio on Friday (Oct. 28).

“We’re going to put out six songs with six different artists,” she said. “We’re recharged with this new single with Bobby, we really put a lot of work and effort into it and a brand new video with Bobby, and hopefully the next single will be with James (Arreola) of Los Palominos.”

Elida added along with the James Arreola duet, she plans to record a collaboration with music legend Little Joe, with more to be announced soon.

The two-time Latin Grammy winner received huge success with previous duets over the years including “Juntos Hasta Morir” with Jesse Turner of Siggno, “Quedemos Como Amigos” with Michael Salgado, “Siempre Seras Para Mi” with Jay Perez, and “Desechable” with Lucky Joe. She plans to add more collaborations with the upcoming EP.

“Everyone in the mainstream does it, why aren’t we doing it in the Tejano industry,” asked Elida. “I feel, had I have asked 10 years ago it would not have happened, but everyone seems to be on board so far and excited about it.”

Listen to the full interview with Elida Reyna below:

Elida Reyna Interview with Jonny Ramirez on Tejano 95.7/103.3 FM

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