Alicia C drops Shelly Lares-produced cumbia ‘Ven’

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Alicia Cintron, known professionally as Alicia C, has quickly become a name to know in the Tejano industry. The singer already placed her name on the Tejano music charts with her previous mariachi single, “Despues De Todo.” Now, the San Antonio vocalist unites with the legendary Shelly Lares, who produced her new single “Ven,” out today on all digital platforms.

“I’ve been working closely with Shelly to really learn and explore different types of music that make me who I am,” Alicia C tells Tejano Nation. “I wanted to challenge myself. I’ve been told for so long that my voice was too traditional, that Mariachi music would be the only thing I’d be good at.”

Alicia grew up listening to bands like Los Angeles Azules, La Sonora Dinamita, Celia Cruz, and Olga Tanon. Although these bands had a huge influence on her professional career, she was also inspired by her father, who was a member of Los Sistematticas and Las Estrellas de Piedras Negras, which captured that Cumbia, tropical sound, and made her newest single feel like a little piece of home for her.  

Lares commented about producing and working with Alicia C. “I’m super excited to be working with Alicia C. I love her unique sound and tone,” she said. “As a producer, what I’m doing with the artist is not only developing a certain sound for her but really challenging her vocally, making her step out of her comfort zone, by singing in ways that she’s not used to singing and will only make her better. It’s all about growth and expressing who you want to be as an artist.”

The Tejano icon plans to retire from touring at the end of the year but will continue to work in the Tejano industry producing, songwriting, and mentoring the next generation of Tejano artists.

“I love mentoring her and answering questions about the business, it’s what I enjoy doing,” said Lares.

Alicia C — “Ven”
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An EP from Alicia C is expected within the next few months including six completely different sounding songs with genres featuring mariachi, international, and bolero, each having its own, unique sound, which will become the style of Alicia C.

“We can’t wait for the fans to hear the EP,” added Alicia C. “We think everyone is going to love it!”

Alicia C and Shelly Lares will perform at Traders Village in San Antonio, Texas, on November 13, 2022, for Shelly’s Birthday Bash. You can also catch them on TikTok, doing what they do best, showcasing their talents, and having fun with other artists as well. 

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