Elida Reyna and Bobby Pulido unite on ‘Que Voy A Hacer’ cumbia collaboration

Courtesy of Freddie Records

Two of the biggest Tejano superstars unite for the first time as Freddie Records released the much-anticipated single from two-time Latin Grammy winner Elida Reyna y Avante, “Que Voy A Hacer” featuring Bobby Pulido, out to radio on October 12.

The dynamic cumbia with a strong and beautiful medley was written by the notable composers Adrian Guerra and Miguel Zola, and produced by Lalo Reyna III, husband of Elida Reyna and leader of Avante. The track was recorded in the Intocable studios in Zapata, Texas, and Legends Sound Studios in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was mixed and mastered by Mariano Herrera, Lalo Reyna III, and Lorenzo “Papo” Banda.

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“Que Voy A Hacer” can be heard on your favorite Tejano radio station and will be available on all digital music platforms on October 28, 2022, the same day the music video will premiere on the Freddie Records YouTube channel.

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