Former Houston radio DJ, ChrisFM, releases his debut solo effort

Houston-based Tejano artist, ChrisFM, has re-entered the Tejano scene with his debut single, “Ruégale A Dios.”

ChrisFM, is no stranger to Tejano music. While he has performed Tejano music with his band, Grupo OJALA, for a few years now, his roots in Tejano began long before ever singing on a microphone.

“My dad was a DJ when I was a kid at KWMC 1490 in Del Rio, Texas, where I was born,” ChrisFM, whose real name is Chris Gomez, recalls. “I remember going in there as a kid to record commercials for him — you’re listening to my dad, el Super Chicano DJ, Layo Hernandez on the Mighty 1490! And that’s when I knew I wanted to be a DJ, but not just any DJ. My dad dreamt of being on KXTN or KQQK. So I set my eyes on both.”

ChrisFM’s childhood dreams of becoming a radio DJ and following in his father’s footsteps became a reality at the age of 15 in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila. His radio debut came late one summer night when his cousin invited him to get on the mic.

“My cousin Juanito said aren’t you a DJ back in your high school, because if you are, do you want to say something on the radio? He messed up because I had too much to say,” exclaims ChrisFM.

ChrisFM was offered his first radio job at Ultimate Tejano Jams 100.7 FM. “It was the first stepping stone to achieving my aspirations. Sure it may have not paid the bills, but I was a kid and I only cared about paying my dues.” ChrisFM was later recruited to go work at the same station his father once worked for, The Mighty 1490, KWMC. 

“It truly was never about the money for me. I came from a poor household. I genuinely had a true love for radio, so when one of my radio idols, DJ Homie Marco offered me a job to work for him at 100.7 House Party in Houston, I had to act like I wasn’t geeking out,” he said. “I wasn’t even hired for Tejano radio. I was hired to go work weekends at Estereo Latino 102.9, but Homie Marco trusted me with the keys to his new Ferrari, the 100.7 House Party.” 

ChrisFM interviewed many artists, formed friendships with even more artists; and saw firsthand the struggle that emerging new artists go through. “I’ve always been on the other side of the mic, so this is still fairly new to me. I’m now having to reach back into my memories of how I remember seeing everyone else grinding their new material,” he said.

ChrisFM was fatefully recruited by Houston’s 106.5 KQQK’s program director, Manny Herrera, to go work at the legendary Tejano station. “Few people know that the very last song that played on KQQK, Manny told me to push play on it — the very last song that ever played on KQQK, since he knew how much work I had put into reaching KQQK. It tore me up, but it was a nice ending.” 

ChrisFM then packed his bags and reunited with his former radio DJ friend, Super Mario Facundo, in McAllen, Texas at La Ley 102.9 FM. 

ChrisFM has spent the last six years on a journey including losing nearly 400 lbs, while also writing, recording, and producing for himself and other Tejano artists, including Sarah MoniqueDezigual, and others.

His debut single, “Ruégale A Dios,” is the first single from his debut album, Cinco, slated for release in late 2022. “Ruégale A Dios,” written by ChrisFM, features a collaboration of artists from around the world.

When asked about his name, and if it has ties to his radio beginnings, he said, ”At first it did. But now, ChrisFM is like a radio station. I’m writing and recording a bunch of genres, Tejano being at the forefront.” 

ChrisFM now has aspirations of eventually walking away with a coveted Tejano Music Award. “Not even that is a far-fetched dream anymore. I remember back when people said I’d never be a radio DJ, but I still did it. Now I’m ChrisFM, so yes, a TMA award would be the proverbial icing on the cake for me!”

“Ruégale A Dios” is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

ChrisFM — “Ruégale A Dios” (Lyric Video)
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