Jenny B enters Tejano music scene with debut single ‘Beso de Amor’

SAN ANTONIO, TX — San Antonio singer Jenny B, whose real name is Jennifer Lynne Bowen, is spunky, energetic, and passionate about music and third generation Tejano singer, who is beginning her own journey with the release of her debut Tejano single “Beso De Amor.”

Jenny B became interested in music at a young age as it has always been a big part of her family. Her father, uncles, and grandfather formed the band, Los Agues which had success in the 1990s. Los Agues opened up for the Tejano Queen, Selena many times, and actually appeared in the Selena movie starring Jennifer Lopez.

Jenny experienced band practice at her house often, exposed to the music, the instruments, and singing on the microphone. Her personality was a perfect fit with her dream to one day sing and perform like the Queen of Tejano.

Curiosity grew about Los Agues. Were they the same band who made an appearance in the Selena movie and is Jenny B related to Tejano Music Awards winner Ray Ray Garcia? The answer to both questions is yes. Ray Ray is Jenny’s uncle. This is where Jenny’s interest in music began and where her memories are tucked away.

Jenny B chat with Tejano Nation’s DJ Peaches

“Music has always been a big part of my family,” Jenny B tells Tejano Nation‘s DJ Peaches in an interview. “Something about it and I think with my personality too, always wanting to be in the spotlight. I’m very much an attention grabber and seeing my uncles and my dad performing and seeing Selena singing. It sparked something in me.”

The first time in a studio for Jenny B started in 2008. An album was produced with her family titled Quince Cero Nueve, which Ray Ray was a part of, but unfortunately, it was never released due to Jenny’s grandmother passing away, then six months later her grandfather passed away. That was tragic for the family, who decided to shelve the album.

Jenny B’s desire to continue music resurfaced in 2016. After getting married and the birth of her first child, she returned to performing in clubs and bars to get her name established once again. She performed at Fiesta Oyster Bake in San Antonio, which opened doors for Jenny. In 2019, Jenny captured the attention of Ryan “Clef God” Welch, who is a producer, writer, and director. He has worked with Snow tha Product, an American bilingual rapper, and San Antonio musician Aj Hernz.

The pandemic slowed things down for some time. In 2020, Jenny B released her debut EP, Stop Me, featuring electronic dance music and she released the EP’s title track and another single “Can’t Have It.” Nearing the end of 2021, Jenny gave birth to her second child and without skipping a beat, she released a catchy pop single, “Hate On Me.”

Jenny B teamed with Grammy winner Hugo Guerrero to produce her debut Tejano single “Beso de Amor.” She was grateful for his patience during production as like most young Tejanas, her Spanish needs work.

“An amazing producer, definitely the top producer I’ve ever worked with,” said Jenny B. “He is so understanding because he was very patient and I told him exactly what I wanted and he brought out that masterpiece. Huge shout to Hugo he is just the best and I can’t wait for you guys to hear what new music we’re going to have coming out. You guys are going to love it!”

Jenny B — “Beso De Amor”
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Balancing being a wife, mom, and artist. Jenny B shared exclusive information with Tejano Nation that she plans to begin a Facebook Live series with a guest, talking about fashion trends, and favorite restaurants, all while eating tacos. Good concept.

The interview was an emotional one for Jenny B as she explained how much her fans are everything to her and expressed that a thank you isn’t enough for her fans. She hopes to honor them with an upcoming song.

Jenny B added, “I’m just excited for what the future is going to bring honestly because this has been my whole life since I was like two years old I’ve always been singing.”

More music is expected from the talented vocalist, whose motto is, “Leave a light for your legacy.” Jenny B doing her own thing, spicing things up with her energy and fun. Learn more about her and purchase her original interesting merchandise and her music at

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