Laura Denisse Y Los Brillantes release new Tejano Country single ‘Cuando Pienso En Ti’

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NASHVILLE, TN — Fresh off their Spring tour which took them through Texas, Tennessee, California, and an appearance at Monterrey’s acclaimed Nortex Fest, Laura Denisse Y Los Brillantes debuts their latest single, “Cuando Pienso En Ti” off the band’s first Nashville produced Country Tejano album Fortune.

Recorded during a tour stop in Nashville, where Laura and the band teamed up with a good friend, Mexican American multi-instrumentalist and producer Misa Arriaga (Kacey Musgraves) and Grand Ole Opry, house band steel guitarist, Eddy Dunlap (Luke Combs, Mickey Guyton, Clay Walker), the track is a testament of the magic that happens in the studios of Music City’s Music Row.  

“Cuando Pienso En Ti” was penned by Laura Denisse and brought to life by producer Arriaga while taking a break between takes during one of their recording sessions.

“I wrote this song in Misa’s Nashville studio,” states Laura. “I was feeling very nostalgic due to being away from my family that was in Mexico. I was extremely sentimental. There was a bitter cold that enveloped the city that grey morning and to top it all off, it was my birthday. The tour had managed to make me homesick and my spirit was sad. Misa was taking a break from the control board and began playing a random sequence of chords on a guitar. As I started listening more intently to the chord progression, my emotions got going, lyrics started flowing through my mind and I instantly asked Misa to continue playing as I wrote. The song began to take form. Soon after, we called Los Brillantes back in and gave the amazing Eddy Dunlap a translated version of the lyric, which he soaked in, conjuring up the vibe that gave more life to the song.”

Then, Dunlap simply let the weeping steel guitar flow gracefully with the accordion creating an enchanting melody.

Laura adds, “By the end of the night, we had recorded the song like in the old days, in one take.”

The beauty of uniting the Tejano Conjunto sound and the Classic Country twang is something producer Misa Arriaga knows all too well. Tejano, Conjunto, and Tex-Mex are musical styles the Nashville-based producer mastered while growing up in Jasper, Texas. Arriaga carries his Mexican heritage proudly and rightfully seemed like the perfect fit for this project. They weren’t wrong.    

Regarding the song, Laura says, “It’s about reminiscing. Yes, the song speaks about pain, the kind of pain one feels when you miss a loved one but focuses on the peace you get the moment you remember that special person that is no longer there.”

An old school, dream weave bolero, simple, sincere, and unpretentious, “Cuando Pienso En Ti”, is one that will have you sitting back enjoying the summer, a time of year when we collectively take leave of our senses, and reminiscing about a loved one that has departed, that first summer crush you ever got cozy on the beach with, or that special someone that is no longer present yet makes your heart smile every time they cross your mind. Find it now on your favorite digital music platform.

Laura Denisse y los Brillantes — “Cuando Pienso En Ti” (Lyric Video)
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Hailing from the Mountain City of Monterrey, Mexico, Laura Denisse Y Los Brillantes brings a beautiful blend of Tejano, Norteno, and Country music that showcases their own brand of Country Americana and honors their roots. The international influence and power of Tejano and Country music are highlighted in every performance where one can experience the combination of sounds derived from both sides of the border, and odes to artists that have inspired a whole new class of Mexicans and Latinos, such as Laura Canales, Roberto Pulido, Rick Treviño, Freddy Fender, Linda Rondstadt, and Raul Malo and The Mavericks, to name a few. “Laura Denisse y Los Brillantes exemplifies the legacy of nuestra comunidad (our community) in country music. This is a band whose range and variety have made it clear that the torch left behind by these great icons is moving forward in new and modern ways.” (Billboard Magazine) 

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