Steffanie Martinez releases debut Tejano album ‘La Vida’

Courtesy of Aluz Records

Tejano newcomer Steffanie Martinez released her debut Tejano album La Vida. The album’s release is a goal the San Antonio mother of three has been working towards for many years and the project is here.

After her small business of 18 years ended, Martinez moved back to San Antonio from Mexico earning income by cleaning houses and saving to record an album.

“It was all to save and go to my music until thankfully I met my boyfriend Jeffrey Martinez and after a little while we decided let’s make this work,” Steffanie tells Tejano Nation.

Jeffrey Martinez is also a songwriter who contributed songs to Steffanie’s debut album which was produced by Alex “Ace 1” Espinoza and Eddie Perez. She was able to complete the project with many working together, including her family, to achieve her goal.

“I really thank God for putting this whole team together in my life when it comes to the producers, or my parents, and Jeffrey,” she added. “It’s just really awesome to have them as support.”

Steffanie dropped her debut single “La Mascara” (The Mask) late last year, along with a music video for the catchy cumbia written by herself.

“I wanted people to kind of understand, see the storyline, and kind of see why I wrote it,” she said. “People are trying to understand what is the song. Everybody can kind of put meaning to the song however they want. ‘La Mascara’ for me is that every time I get dolled up I feel great, what woman doesn’t, right? For me, it was just not the physical mask of the makeup but also to keep in mind and tell yourself, ‘You know something’s going on, ponte la mascara, let it go!’ Whenever you need to take that mask off to cry it out, hey we all have to do it at times. That’s how I wrote that song.”

Steffanie Martinez — “La Mascara” (Music Video)
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The latest single from the album is “Besame Abrazame,” a romantic cumbia written by her boyfriend Jeffrey.

“I’m really thankful he’s helping me write some of these love songs because I was such a scorned woman that a lot of these songs were coming from a dark place, but after falling in love with him I was actually inspired to write love songs,” said Steffanie.

The 11-track album, La Vida, is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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