Suenatron returns with highly-anticipated sophomore album ‘Santa Borrachera’

Suenatron | Courtesy of Azteca Records

Los Angeles, Ca. — California-based band Suenatron continues to win over listeners around the world with their infectious “Popteño” style, and they return with the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album Santa Borrachera.

Released under Azteca Records and produced by Ulises “El Licenciado” Lozano, the album sees the innovative group beginning an exciting new chapter in their career. With this project, which is the first the band is releasing via Azteca Records, Suenatron once again accentuates their definitive style, which combines traditional elements of regional Mexican music with modern genres like funk, Tejano, and electronic, honoring their roots and upbringing while speaking to rising generations of listeners. At the same time, however, the project represents a rebirth for the band and not only demonstrates personal and artistic maturity but also musical evolution at its finest.

Courtesy of Azteca Records

Suenatron carries the poignant theme of rebirth and new beginnings into the album’s cover art, an oil painting inspired by the iconic works born from the Renaissance. Starring as the main figure on the cover is La Diosa, a female interpretation of the god Bacchus from Roman mythology, as well as the god Dionysus from Greek mythology, who were both gods of wine and festivities. While, much like the album, the cover art pays tribute to artistic traditions, it also incorporates a modern touch.

“Santa Borrachera” is the irresistible heartbreak anthem and the album title track, the official music video is already available along with a lyric video for the song, which presents the same Renaissance-inspired style that was infused into the cover art and was animated by Alfonso Acosta (“Pantera”), who was the creative mastermind behind a number of Suenatron’s previous music videos. Written by Suenatron with their friend Ángela Davalos and producer Ulises “El Licenciado” Lozano, both Grammy winners in their own right, the song speaks to the urge to soothe our wounds with spirits after experiencing deceit and heartbreak and touches on the deceptive notion that alcohol can help us forget those unwanted thoughts, feelings, and memories that can torment us while we’re trying to get over someone who has hurt us deeply.

Suenatron — “Santa Borrachera”
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Suenatron will promote their new album with a string of tour dates through northern California and Mexico with plans to be in Texas very soon.

About Suenatron

Coming from the legendary musical family, Hernán “Mexia” and Giovanni Hernández followed the footsteps of their father Hernán Hernández, a member of Los Tigres Del Norte, and, together with their close friends Matt Gonzales and Eduardo Montelongo, created SUENATRON. Immediately after their formation, the group tried to find a new sound that could portray Latin music and its connection with other cultures. So, inspired by groups from the San Francisco Bay Area such as Santana, Tower of Power, War, Los Tigres del Norte, and Los Humildes, they began to mix musical sounds like rap and electronic music with music that the Hernández brothers listened to while growing up. They dubbed this sound “Popteño” (a combination of Pop and Norteño). In the six years that they’ve spent together, Suenatron has already created a name in the industry. Their first single “Sencillamente” landed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and their second single, “Caramelo”, dominated radio stations in the United States. In addition, they’ve toured throughout the United States and Mexico, and they have shared stages with important artists from different genres.

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