Las Fenix premiere music video for romantic cumbia ‘333’

Courtesy of Azteca Records

Las Fenix continues to place Regional Mexican music on center stage with their very unique and fresh style. The Rodríguez sisters from Houston, Texas, premiered the official music video for the romantic cumbia “333.”

Their brand new single “333”, written by singer-songwriter Uriel Barrera, talks of new love and the signs of the universe after Cupid works his magic.

“It feels like it’s one of the only love songs we have in our whole repertoire because we only sing about despecho (spite) and heartbreak and you know throwing a little bit of shade to the men,” said Nadia Rodriguez of Las Fenix. “But this song we actually really love and it’s pretty much saying there’s just so many signs saying that this is where I’m supposed to be. You are the person for me and we’re meant to be together and life is just throwing me signs left and right. Tres, tres, tres, dos, dos, dos, and that’s just what it is, we were meant for each other and life is telling me this is where I’m supposed to be at.”

The official music video for the romantic cumbia features a movie-like storyline.

“We were actually thinking about doing a musical, like something simple, like maybe not a storyline but they ended up showing us the story and we really liked it,” added Nadia. “It’s cute, you know, it kind of gives you ‘The Notebook’ vibe. So, we really liked it and we liked the way it turned out.”

Las Fenix — “333” (Audio)
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“333” by Las Fenix from Azteca Records is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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