Alicia C delivers a stunning bolero with ‘El Cielo Y La Luna’

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Alicia C is not your typical Tejano singer. She is a powerhouse vocalist who can belt out any genre with ease and grace. Her debut EP, “Cada Parte de Mi”, is a testament to her versatility and talent, as she explores different styles and influences.

But perhaps the most impressive track on the EP is “El Cielo Y La Luna”, a beautiful bolero with an urban twist, written by David Hernandez (aka El Gallo Dez) and Tejano icon Shelly Lares, who also produced the song for her LMD Productions.

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“El Cielo Y La Luna” is a song about the loss of a loved one. Alicia C delivers a heartfelt and powerful performance, conveying the pain and longing of the lyrics with her expressive voice.

The song is accompanied by a sultry and dramatic arrangement, blending classic bolero elements with modern urban beats and sounds. The result is a captivating and unique fusion that appeals to both traditional and contemporary audiences.

“El Cielo Y La Luna” is more than just a song. It is a statement of Alicia C’s artistic vision and identity, as she honors her roots and influences, while creating her own sound and style. It is also a testament to her emotional maturity and depth, as she tackles a difficult and universal theme with sensitivity and sincerity.

“We understand death only after it has been placed in the hands of someone we love,” said a comment from the press release. Alicia C understands this very well, and she shares it with us through her music. “El Cielo Y La Luna” is a song that transcends language and culture and goes straight to the heart of the listener.

Alicia C — El Cielo Y La Luna
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