La 45 Highlights Classic Brass Sound and Orquesta Legacy with Double Single Release

Courtesy of NextGen Latinx Records

LA 45 have released their latest work, showcasing the group’s musical growth and continued excellence in preserving the traditional Chicano, horn-driven sound that has become synonymous with the group. This is their first post-pandemic album release from NextGen Latinx Records and is sure to be a hit among fans of the “Next Gen Chicanos.”

“This is definitely the best work we‘ve put out, so far. I feel like 20 years from now, we‘ll look back and say ‘This is the album where we really found our sound, where we found our artistic identity!’,” states Mike Torres III, co-founder, bandleader, and vocalist, who produced the record. He continues “That‘s how we came up with the idea to title the album PRESENTANDO. We are introducing the world to who we are today, who we have become.“

John Ontiveros, the Grammy Award-winning lead trumpet player and co-founder of the group, engineered and mixed the album at their home base, 45HQ STUDIOS in the historic Westside of San Antonio, TX.

“This album is a sonic experience of this band that we hadn‘t been able to achieve before,” proclaimed Ontiveros. “You can hear every nuance, every instrument, every ounce of love that we poured into the songs. It‘s such a great representation of us.”

The album was mastered by 17-time Grammy Award-winning producer & engineer Gilbert Velasquez, who has been a long-time mentor and collaborator with the group.

“We had great performances in the studio by everyone in the band and a great mix,” raves Ontiveros. “Then we had the magic touch of Gilbert Velasquez, who brought my mix into HD!”

La 45 — Quiero Que Sepas
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The album is bursting at the seams with energy and the musical authority that fans have come to expect from LA 45. The two songs chosen for the double single release showcase all of this. “Quiero Que Sepas” highlights the band’s classic brass sound and their fusion with the ever-popular tone of the accordion. While “Quieres Ser Mi Amante” is a prime example of how the band is bringing the orquesta legacy into the 21st century. The album is a contemporary representation of the bilingual beauty of the art of Chicano music.

La 45 — Quieres Ser Mi Amante
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Featured on the album is the previously released single “La Embarcacion,” a fan-favorite collaboration with Tejano legend David Lee Garza and Cezar Omar, vocalist of Los Musicales. Also featured is a star-studded musical tribute to the late great Jimmy Edward. “My Special Medley” is a collection of tunes from Edward’s 1978 hit record, My Special Album. It was co-produced by Mike Torres III, John Ontiveros, and Jimmy Edward Jr, son of the late Tejano vocalist who we lost on February 16, 2020. The track was performed by LA 45 alumni Juaquin Cura (Ram Herrera) on guitar, Will O’Rourke (Little Joe y La Familia) on drums; along with David Delagarza III (La Mafia) on keys, and Roy Paniagua on bass, who recorded the original record and was part of Jimmy Edward’s band for the latter part of the 1970s through the early 1980s. The medley is topped off with vocal performances from Ram Herrera, Chente Barrera, Roger Velasquez, and Mike Torres III, and features the horn section of LA 45. This recording is also part of an upcoming tribute album to the Tejano music icon.

With an extensive 2024 tour in the works, the band is looking forward to bringing their signature style to stages all across the country. Fans can follow the band on social media and through their website,, to keep up with all new announcements from the #NextGenChicanos. They can also look forward to a physical CD release later this year, as well as a possible vinyl release next spring.

Formed in 2017, LA 45 is a 10-piece orquesta based in San Antonio, Texas. Performing a blend of traditional Mexican-American music with jazz, rock & roll, and R&B, the band is the next wave of the Onda Chicana popularized in the 1970’s. Led by two former members of the iconic Chicano band, Little Joe y La Familia, LA 45 is made up of the top young talent in San Antonio. The group is currently on tour promoting their fourth studio album.

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