Revo Live Band Releases New Album ‘Con Sabor, Vol. 1’

Courtesy of Farra Records

Revo Live Band, the dynamic and energetic ensemble that has been captivating audiences with their live performances, has just released their highly-anticipated third album, Con Sabor, Vol. 1. The album features 10 tracks that showcase the group’s unique blend of the latest international sounds, Tejano, cumbia, and third-generation Regional Mexican tradition.

The album is a gift to their loyal and growing fanbase of all ages, who have been requesting a recording of the music played live at concerts, which included some amazing cover songs. The group wanted to present their fans with an album that reflects their love and appreciation for their support and enthusiasm.

Con Sabor, Vol.1 is available on all digital music platforms, and the first promotional single and music video is “Oye Mujer”, a catchy and upbeat song that was originally released by Mexican singer Raymix in 2015.

Revo Live Band – Oye Mujer
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Revo Live Band is always ready to deliver a memorable show that makes their fans feel like part of the family. They are passionate about their music and their culture, and they want to share it with the world. With Con Sabor, Vol. 1, they have created an album that celebrates their roots and their vision for the future.

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