Jenny B discusses breaking into Tejano music, her biggest influence, and more with ‘Domingo Live’

Jenny B on ‘Domingo Live’
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Tejano music features many next-generation Tejano singers and musicians and rising star Jenny B is a third-generation Tejano singer. Her grandfather, father, and uncles formed a popular Tejano band of the 1990s, Los Agues. The group was even featured as “Grupo Fuego in the 1995 Selena film.

Late bicultural music icon Selena is a major influence on Jenny B, as she stated in an interview with Domingo Live host Barbi Leo on KIII-TV in Corpus Christi, Texas, on Sunday (June 12).

“Selena has always been a real big impact for a lot of artists, female and male,” said Jenny B. “She played a big part in, not what kind of artist I wanted to be but also as a person and how to be in this industry because you know it could be very cutthroat and it could get ugly but it’s important to remember, ‘What would Selena do?’ As far as handling situations and being a good person, staying humble, and remembering that family always comes first.”

Jenny B’s latest single release honors the late Queen of Cumbia.

“I just released a song called ‘Vivaras Selena,’ which is in honor of Selena,” said Jenny B. “Obviously she’s a big part, so as an artist I wanted to contribute something that I feel represented her. Not so much the tragedy but her as an artist, what she did for the Latino community.”

“Vivaras Selena” is a cover of the 1997 hit song written and originally recorded by Pete Astudillo featuring Graciela BeltranBarrio BoyzzEmilio NavairaJennifer Peña, and Bobby Pulido, and was included on the Selena movie soundtrack. It’s an ode to the Tejano music icon, who was shot and killed by her fan club president in 1995. Selena was 23.

Jenny B’s version, produced by two-time Latin Grammy winner Mariano Herrera and Latin Grammy nominee El Dusty, is a cumbia that displays the San Antonio singer’s unique sound.

Jenny B performs “Vivaras Selena” on ‘Domingo Live’
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Jenny B also discussed breaking into the Tejano music industry as a female artist and working on new music with plans for her debut album in early 2024.

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