Lucky Joe & Jesse Turner: A Bond That Transcends Music

Part 1 of 2: Examines the close, more than 25-year friendship between the two Tejano stars

Lucky Joe and Jesse Turner Interview
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Musically, Lucky Joe and Grupo Siggno frontman Jesse Turner share a charisma, passion, and genuine love for the Tejano/Latino genre they perform so energetically for their fans. Both shine in the vocalist/accordionist role, however, in an exclusive interview with Tejano Nation, the pair admit that music plays a secondary position in their more than 25-year friendship.

In fact, Lucky Joe’s hit single, “Pa’ Que No Te Cuenten,” features Turner and is the first time the two have recorded a collaboration. The close friends admit that they do run songs by each other, offering suggestions about how they think the song may sound better, but the process only works because they feel so comfortable critiquing each other’s approaches to new music.

“Lucky’s a very giving guy,” Turner said. “That’s why we’re friends because we’re very selfless. He thinks about me and I think about him…without really wanting anything in return. De alli nace la oportunidad, because I mean, we’ve gone this whole time without doing a song together.”

“Pa’ Que No Te Cuenten,” tells the story of a man who has moved on and found happiness after a less-than-perfect relationship. Turner compares the song to Lucky Joe’s current stage in life where Turner said his friend has indeed found happiness at this point in his life. Turner may be referring indirectly to events last September when Lucky Joe married fellow Tejano singer Devin Banda in a secret wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.

“I think we’ve all lived that situation (in the song, “Pa’ Que No Te Cuenten”), we’ve all lived that story,” said Turner.

Lucky Joe — “Pa’ Que No Te Cuenten” ft. Jesse Turner
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The two support, respect, and believe in one another as musicians and producers, but find that laughter, fun, memories, and the navigation of life’s highs and lows prove primary in their tight bond.

“At the end of the day, the friendship always comes before business,” Turner said.”(The song says), ‘You know what? So somebody else won’t tell you, I’m going to tell you. I’ve already found somebody else. I’m happy. Period. And I don’t need you to look for me, It’s kind of like, ‘Ya No Me Importa’ (a single by Siggno). This is Lucky’s version.”

Looking grateful and touched by Turner’s words, Lucky thanked his friend for his insight about the song, “Pa’ Que No Te Cuenten.”

“That’s a good comparison,” Lucky said. “Thank you for that. I’m humbled.”

Turner further proved his loyalty to his close friend, Lucky Joe, by his refusal to answer questions about recent events in his career, including his signing of hugely popular “Princess of Tejano” Jennifer Pena to his artist management company JT Entertainment as she makes her exciting comeback as a performing artist, nor would he respond to rumors that he may have a project in the works with A.B. Quintanilla. He even stayed quiet about the release, on that very day, of Siggno’s latest single, “El Primer Te Amo.”

“I’m not here to talk about (Grupo Siggno). I’m here to talk about Lucky,” said Turner. “Lucky needs all of the love and the light because he’s a very important figure here in this industry.”

Turner added that Lucky Joe, also signed to JT Entertainment, is not just with the company because the two are friends, but because Turner sees the passion and drive Lucky has as a recording artist.

“I love Lucky Joe’s music,” Turner said. “I know that you guys have me on here as Jesse Turner from Siggno, but the project again in front of me is Lucky. I know he’s my friend and everything, but the reason he’s under our company is because I completely believe in him 100 percent.”

In fact, Lucky Joe currently stands out as JT Entertainment’s most popular artist.

“Believe it or not, he’s the number one artist in the company, which people just don’t stop calling for him,” Turner said. “They call him probably more for events than what they do for us (Siggno).”

Jokingly, Lucky admits that he’s the one calling for himself.

“Compadre, it’s me,” Lucky said, laughing. “I’m just disguising my voice.”

The jokes and laughter never stop when these two artists come together, as you can see in the video interview.

Both Lucky and Turner agree that while the music may have brought them together, their friendship transcends their lives as musicians.

“The friendship that we developed is beyond music,” Lucky said. “It’s been close to 30 years that we’ve been friends.”

The friendship between the two strengthened during the COVID pandemic when life circumstances forced Lucky to move in with Turner. From there, the friendship solidified.

Their loyal and dedicated friendship showed its strength recently as Lucky Joe lost his father and Turner surprised Lucky with his attendance at the funeral. See Turner’s Instagram post for emotional photos of the two locked in an embrace and talking somberly. In his caption for the post, Turner refers to Lucky as his “God-sent brother.”

“He wasn’t expecting me to be there at his father’s funeral,” Turner said. “But, I made it a point to find a flight, get on the flight, and not sleep, and just arrive in the morning, go straight to the service, and just surprised him there.”

For many more antics and special moments between these two artists, watch the video interview.

Also, check out the two friend’s first singing and performing collaboration on Lucky Joe’s “Pa’ Que No Te Cuenten,” and hear about how Siggno’s latest release, “El Primer Te Amo,” was actually first presented to Lucky as a possible recording for him.

In the Part 2 article, the story will highlight the expectations both artists anticipate for a rise in the Tejano music genre in 2024.

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