Accordion 2…Adrian Arredondo: Filmmaker Discusses Upcoming Documentary About Johnny Canales

On this week’s episode of the Accordion 2 Me podcast, South Texas native, Adrian Arredondo sits down for their first interview discussing their documentary about Tejano icon Johnny Canales called Take it Away: The Rise and Fall of Tejano Hollywood.

Arredondo talks about being inspired by their upbringing in South Texas to create stories that are authenticate to the region. This leads to a conversation on the  documentary Take it Away: The Rise and Fall of Tejano Hollywood, currently in production. Take it Away is a feature documentary about the meteoric rise and fall of Tejano music, as seen through the lens of iconic TV show host Johnny Canales.

With access to the 30-years of the Johnny Canales Show archives, the documentary will dive into live performances and interviews with fans and artists, many at the start of their meteoric rise to fame. This documentary is set to expand and illuminate the impact Canales had on Tejano and Mexican Regional music as a whole.

An exclusive trailer appears in the episode in its entirety, with a request for stories from the podcast host herself, Veronique Medrano, who has recently been added to the documentaries creative team. Listen & Watch the podcast to see the Full 4:00 min trailer, as well as get details on how fans of Johnny Canales can take part in the documentary.

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