‘Mi Hijo, Mi Angel’: A Heartfelt Tribute from Monico Cortez II

“Mi Hijo, Mi Angel”, a poignant song from Monico Cortez II, is the title track from his third album that was released on December 3, 2023, a date that holds a special significance. It would have been the birthday of his late son, Monico Cortez III, to whom the song is dedicated.

Monico Cortez III passed away suddenly in October 2022, leaving a void in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. His father, Monico Cortez II, chose to express his grief and love through music, resulting in the creation of “Mi Hijo, Mi Angel”.

The song was written by Javier Galvan, a renowned songwriter known for his ability to capture deep emotions in his lyrics. Galvan’s collaboration with Monico Cortez II resulted in a song that is both a touching tribute and a testament to a father’s love for his son.

“He did the eulogy for son’s service and when he left the eulogy I got with him and told him I had an idea for a song,” Monico Cortez II said in an interview with The Jonny Ramirez Show on Tejano 95.7/103.3 FM in San Antonio, Texas. “He said, ‘Say no more, I was watching you at the services and I started writing, let me finish it up and I’ll send it to you.'”

Monico Cortez II Interview with The Jonny Ramirez Show

Cortez received the song and presented it to David Lee Garza, who got multiple Grammy Award-winning producer Gilbert Velasquez involved.

“They did their magic and they put the music together and we laid our vocals down and invited a bunch of special guests,” added Cortez.

“Mi Hijo, Mi Angel” features Chente Barrera, Marco Jaime, and Cezar Martinez, and is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt message from a grieving father to his late son. The lyrics convey the depth of Monico Cortez II’s love and the pain of his loss, making it a deeply moving piece of music.

The song is the title track from Monico Cortez II’s third album, marking a significant milestone in his musical career. The album’s release date was intentionally set to coincide with his late son’s birthday, turning a day of mourning into a celebration of his son’s life and the love they shared.

Monico Cortez II and Monico Cortez III | Courtesy photo

Cortez added it was difficult to record music dedicated to his late son. “It was, I mean the whole album we had lots of songwriters talking about losing a child, losing a loved one. So, the whole album was hard, I mean in the studio I choked up a few times. I know it was for him and he was behind us, so it helped us a lot, we got through it. But, yes it was definitely hard.”

“Mi Hijo, Mi Angel” serves as a reminder of the power of music to express our deepest emotions and to bring comfort in times of grief. It stands as a beautiful tribute from Monico Cortez II to his late son, ensuring that his memory will continue to live on through the music.

Monico Cortez II — “Mi Hijo, Mi Angel”
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