Lucky Joe Discusses New Single and Announces Echale Ganas Tour

Latin Grammy-nominated artist Lucky Joe has released his new single, “Tumba Falsa.” It is a cover of the classic hit from Los Tigres Del Norte, one of the most popular Norteño bands in the music industry. The single is the latest release from Lucky Joe’s new album, “Pa’Que No Te Cuenten.”

“Tumba Falsa” is a testament to Lucky Joe’s musical versatility and his deep respect for the genre’s roots. The song’s release has been met with anticipation and excitement from fans, further solidifying Lucky Joe’s place in the Latin music scene.

Lucky Joe — Tumba Falsa
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Freddie Martinez shared the idea to cover the classic hit with Lucky Joe, keeping with the formula of a Norteño sound from the previous album. “He said, ‘On this new album I want you to do more Norteño, original songs, but also do a couple of covers’,” Lucky Joe told Tejano Nation radio affilate La Voz 93.3 in Abilene. “These songs, they’re already hits so we just decided to recreate them. Pay homage to them, record them exactly the same way and people are loving it.”

Lucky Joe Interview with La Voz 93.3 (01.30.24)

In addition to the new single, Lucky Joe has also announced the upcoming release of a music video for “Tumba Falsa.” The video is expected to bring a new visual dimension to the song, allowing fans to connect with the music on a deeper level.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Lucky Joe has also announced the “Echale Ganas Tour.” The tour’s title, which translates to “Give It Your All,” holds a special meaning for the artist. After the passing of his father in December, Lucky Joe has chosen to honor his memory by encouraging others to persevere and give their all in everything they do.

Lucky Joe shared, “My dad would always say, Echale ganas, mijo. Don’t worry about what’s going on. God never gives you something that you cannot handle. So, echale ganas. I decided to call this tour, Echale Ganas Tour 2024. I paid tribute to my father.”

The “Echale Ganas Tour” is set to be an exciting event, showcasing Lucky Joe’s musical talent and his dedication to his fans. With the release of “Tumba Falsa” and the announcement of the tour, Lucky Joe continues to make his mark in the music industry, honoring his roots while also forging his own path.

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