Bobby Pulido: An Icon’s Journey and Advice for New Artists

Bobby Pulido Interview
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Bobby Pulido, a name synonymous with Tejano music, recently received the Icon Award at the 4th annual Premios Tejano Mundial. In an interview with Tejano Nation contributor DJ Mondo Loko of, Pulido opened up about his illustrious 30-year career and shared some words of wisdom for new artists in the industry.

Pulido’s journey in the music industry is nothing short of remarkable. From being dubbed the “Teen Idol” in the 1990s to earning the title of an “Icon” in 2024, Pulido’s career is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication to Tejano music. His debut album, “Desvelado,” released in 1996, achieved platinum certification from the RIAA after surpassing 100,000 units in sales.

Reflecting on his journey, Pulido said it all begins with the music, “I learned the importance of a good song and finding a style that’s different and I think that’s it. You also have to have some luck that’s also true but it all stars with a song. I was blessed to have that song come into my lap and thank God.”

The Latin Grammy winning singer added he thoughts on how Tejano music can ride the recent wave of Regional Mexican artist topping the charts worldwide. “Our genre can be really exportable to all the Regional Mexican crowd, but if our Spanish is not right or we’re singing and the pronunciation, well there never going to like our music. Our style is cool, it’s different but we just got to get the right songs.”

When asked about his advice for new artists, Pulido emphasized the importance of authenticity and passion. “Find good songs, get a producer with a different vision that’s not going to do stuff like cookie-cutter likes already been done and get out there in front of people and win their hearts over.”

Pulido’s words serve as an inspiration for all aspiring artists. As he continues to make his mark in the industry, Pulido’s influence on Tejano music remains undeniable. His story is a reminder that with passion and perseverance, one can indeed become an icon.

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