HACIENDA RECORDS was founded in 1978 by Roland & Annie Garcia, and it's home to several legendary artist such as Freddy Fender, Ruben Vela, Steve Jordan, Ram Herrera, and many more. Hacienda has established itself as one of the premier Latin record labels and recording studios in the world and boasts a legendary catalog that specialize in Tejano, Conjunto, and Traditional Tex-Mex.Hacienda has always been committed to discovering and bringing out the best potential in every recording artist, taking them to new heights in the music industry. Our Hacienda International music catalog is filled with 40 years plus legendary Hacienda music as well as the fresh up and coming a music of today.   Join us in our mission to share our passion for music and ove for our Hispanic culture through our on line music store now offering both Cds and digital downloads.

 Through the hacienda website, visitors can view and purchase the best of Hacienda's music spanning over 42 years of musical heritage. Check out our online store filled with classic legendary music as well as new upcoming music.  

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