Liz Garcia releases third album ‘Pisando Fuerte’

Courtesy photo

Liz Garcia, the multi-award-winning singer and songwriter, has just released her third album, Pisando Fuerte, which showcases her talent and versatility in the genres of Tejano and Norteño. Along with the album, Garcia has also dropped three new singles: “Bailele”, “Eres Peligro”, and “Te Confieso.”

“Bailele” is a catchy and upbeat cumbia that invites listeners to dance and enjoy life. Liz Garcia wrote this song herself, drawing from her own experiences and memories. “Te Confieso” is another cumbia but with a slower tempo and a more romantic vibe. Liz Garcia confesses her feelings to her lover in this song, which she also penned. “Eres Peligro” is a fast-paced and energetic cumbia that warns about the dangers of falling for someone who is not good for you. Liz Garcia also wrote this song, inspired by a friend’s story.

Garcia’s album Pisando Fuerte was produced by Roberto Arista Briones and Tony Terrazas, who collaborated with the group Elegancia Hermanos Olguin to create a unique and fresh sound for Liz Garcia. This is Garcia’s third album as a solo and independent artist, after seven years of pursuing her musical career, who won the Best New Female Artist award at the 41st Tejano Music Awards in 2021. Her music is available on all major music platforms.

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