New Tejano Playlist for October features new music from Bobby Pulido, Destiny Navaira, El Plan +...

Bobby Pulido is featured on the October 2022 cover of Tejano Nation’s New Tejano Playlist on Spotify

Tejano Nation features the newest releases each month in La Onda Tejana with the New Tejano Playlist on Spotify. The featured artist for October 2022 is Bobby Pulido, who received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Tejano Album with his new EP, Para Que Baile Mi Pueblo.

The New Tejano playlist this month boasts new music from other Best Tejano Album nominees like Destiny Navaira, Grupo Alamo, Isabel Marie, and El Plan. The playlist also features new music from emerging artists including Anikka, Kate Kristol, Adrian GutierrezLa Casetera, and more.

“Tejano Nation has always showcased the best in Tejano music and this monthly playlist helps more people discover the music of this great culture,” said John Henry Medina, Digital Managing Editor at Tejano Nation. “It also gives great exposure for new Tejano talent as they continue the legacy for Tejano music and culture.”

Tejano Nation curates the New Tejano playlist each month, as well as more Tejano music playlists including Totally Tejanas, showcasing the fierce femmes of Tejano, Tejano Love Songs, and Tejano Nation Top 20. Follow Tejano Nation on Spotify here.

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